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iNest Services

We are experts in commercial and residential integrated technology and bring years of high-end automation experience into each project. iNest services include home theatre, security system, climate control, audio/video, lighting control, smart home, automated shading, and a variety of electrical services. We’re passionate about creating exceptional systems for our clients, and our primary focus is your satisfaction.

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Lighting Automation

Lighting Automation is the discipline of creating automated changes in lighting levels to affect mood, emphasize architecture, illuminate art, and influence action. Manage the internal and external lighting of your home more efficiently with iNest lighting Automation systems.


iNest provides a variety of electrical services for homes and offices, including but not limited to:

  • Residential and commercial wiring
  • Renovations
  • Knob and Tube Removals
  • Electrical Repairs and troubleshooting

Home Theatre

The latest Technology of home theatre experience is more than just a nice TV with surround sound. With a home theatre system of all exclusive brands, you can control your theatre lighting, sound, and Vision with the touch of a button.

Smart Home

There’s no need for separate applications to control the thermostat, the shades, the music, and the lighting. Replace them all with iNest full home automation system that manages and controls all these devices at once. Smart homes provide high levels of convenience, safety, and energy savings!

Security System

Check-in on things at home from wherever you are and secure your family and property with iNest Security Camera systems. Integrate your security system with your home automation system to enjoy the extra level of security and convenience. Choose between a variety of cameras, including but not limited to Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras, CCTV Cameras, and C-Mount Cameras.

Sound System

It’s time for you to stop dragging speakers all over your house! iNest sound system allows you to play music in any room from any source just via your home wifi. Play your favorite song when spending time in the kitchen, the family room, the shower, or in the backyard.

Central Vacuum

The Central Vacuum system is designed to be more powerful than the traditional portable vacuum while it produces less noise and reduces the recirculation of dust and dirt into your home. A central vacuum system eliminates the hassle of storing and schlepping heavy equipment, it’s cleaner and quieter than a portable unit, and it just works better!

Smart Blinds

Automated Binds provide ideal convenience and comfort for residential homes and offices. Smart blinds are ideal for protecting furniture, floors, carpeting, and artwork from the damaging effects of direct sunlight. They also make it easier to access skylights and other hard-to-reach windows above counters, sinks, and bathtubs.

Climate Control

Control your home’s heating and/or air conditioning throughout a smart system using your laptop or phone. Integrate climate control with the rest of your home for intelligent temperature control, personalized just as you wish for, making your home more comfortable and more “green” at the same time.

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